Outdoor Warning Sirens

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The Frisco Fire Department began sounding its Outdoor Warning Siren System (PDF) every Wednesday at noon beginning November 28, 2007. The weekly, audible tests were necessary to ensure the sirens were working properly and to help prepare for any severe weather that threatens Frisco.

Previously, the Fire Department silently tested the system twice daily and audible tests were scheduled at noon on the first Wednesday of each month. However, in 2007 Frisco was unable to audibly test the system as planned due to the frequency of severe weather experienced on those designated Wednesdays.
Outdoor Warning Siren System
Since this time, the Frisco Fire Department has found the weekly testing to be a significant benefit to maintaining the system's readiness. Because of this success, Frisco continues the weekly tests of their Outdoor Warning Siren system.

When testing the sirens each week, the Fire Department will sound the sirens on days when skies are overcast and gray but not threatening; however, when severe weather is in the forecast, sirens will not be sounded unless there is an actual emergency.

Warning Sirens
The City of Frisco's Outdoor Warning Siren system consists of 36 sirens placed strategically throughout the city. The sirens may be activated individually or in groups to provide localized warnings. Sirens may also be activated simultaneously to provide a general alert for the entire community. The Outdoor Warning Sirens can be controlled from either the Central Fire Station, the 911 Dispatch Center at the Frisco Police Department or from certain Fire Department vehicles.

The Outdoor Warning Siren system uses several different and unique tones to alert residents to the imminent approach of severe weather and other emergencies requiring immediate notification. This system is a part of an emergency network designed to provide for the safety of our citizens. Radio and television (including the city's government access channels) as well as public address systems mounted on fire and police vehicles, may also be used to provide information to our citizens, as needed.

The 2 types of warning signals used are:
  • Wall Signal: This is used for an actual tornado warning as well as our Wednesday siren testing.
  • Alert Signal: This is used for other alerts the city of Frisco requests its citizens to be aware of, such as a Civil Defense Alert.
If you should hear the warning sirens, remain calm and go inside and seek shelter immediately. Turn on a radio or television and listen carefully to instructions. WBAP Radio 820 AM is the designated Emergency Alert System (EAS) station for our area. Frisco residents with cable should tune to:
  • Channel 12 for Grande subscribers
  • Channel 16 for Time-Warner subscribers
  • Channel 37 for Verizon FIOS subscribers
  • Channel 99 for AT&T U-verse subscribers
Tune to the appropriate channel, for your location, listed above to receive official information from the Frisco Communications Department. Most other local radio and TV stations will also broadcast emergency information. Stay indoors until the danger passes. Please do not call 911 or Frisco Fire Stations for information unless you are reporting a life-threatening situation or hazardous condition.