Ecology & Natural Resources
The City of Frisco is committed to preserving the components of our natural ecosystem. Our goal is to maintain a balance between our natural and developed areas to create a sustainable city.

Environmental Attributes Analysis for the City of Frisco
This is a collection of maps that identify sensitive environmental areas and other areas that could present opportunities to development. This includes wetlands, topography, sensitive habitats, and viewsheds/scenic environmental areas. The City takes these sensitive areas into consideration during the process of rezoning. During the rezoning process, a proposed development/redevelopment is taken through the City’s review process.

Riparian Corridors
All the major creeks and tributaries in Frisco originate within the City of Frisco limits and its ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction). This provides the city the unique opportunity to influence the potential functions of the stream systems and the responsibility to protect them from encroaching development. Click here to view a map of Frisco streams, their beginnings, paths through various cities, and their destinations.

Urban Ecology
As Frisco develops, it is important to deepen our understanding of the wildlife and the ecosystems we affect. The city, where possible, takes steps to work with developers to build with the ecosystems in mind. The goal is to minimize the negative impacts on urban ecology.