Boards & Commissions

Boards/Commissions Appointments:

On Tuesday, September 20, the City of Frisco, City Council appointed 36 individuals to serve on various Boards and Commissions. The appointed individuals are listed below.

If you were appointed to a position please fill out and return the following forms to the City Secretary's Office no later than 12:00 p.m., Friday, October 7, 2016. The required forms can be scanned and emailed to

1. Oath of Office: Must Be Notarized
2. Statement of Officer
3. Affidavit of Residence: Must Be Notarized
4. Background Check
5. Public Access Information
6. Ethics Acknowledgment: See Note Below
7. State of Texas Open Meeting Training Certificate: See Note Below
8. State of Texas Public Information Training Certificate: See Note Below

Note: The Ethics Acknowledgment requires each person to read/understand Ordinance 09-04-25 and Ordinance 09-10-62. The link to each Ordinance is below:
 Ordinance 09-04-25
 Ordinance 09-10-62
Note: The link below provides the information needed to complete the State of Texas Open Meetings Training Video and the State of Texas Public Information Training Video along with the instruction on how to print both training certificates.

Board of Adjustment/Construction Board of Appeals:

Place 2: Robert Ouellete
Place 4: Ijay Nkele
Place 6 (Alternate 1): Michael Howard
Place 8 (Alternate 3): Carl Kist

Community Development Corporation (CDC):

Place 2: Michael Barber
Place 4: Wren Ovard
Place 6: James Wiggins

Convention Visitors Bureau:

Place 2 (Hotel Representative): Peter Streit
Place 4 (At-Large Representative): Steve Cone
Place 6 (Restaurant Representative): Nick Shafer
Place 8 (Sports Team Representative): Mark Frankenfeld
Place 10 (Ex-Officio): Tracie Shipman

Downtown Advisory Board:

Place 2 (Business or Property Owner): Danny Mehta
Place 4 (At-Large): Laura Radcliffe
Place 6 (At-Large): Aaron Fletcher

Economic Development Corporation (EDC):

Place 2: Jason Dudley
Place 4 (FISD Representative): John Classe
Place 6: Mayor Maher Maso

Housing Authority Board:

Place 2: Marie Walters
Place 4: Robert Uhls

Parks & Recreation Board:

Place 2: Chad Brubaker
Place 4: Nikki Simon
Place 6: Amy Deatherage

Planning & Zoning Commission:

Place 6: David Box
Place 7: Jon Kendall

Public Art Board:

Place 2: Brad Sharp
Place 4: Peter Burns
Place 6: Gary Sextro

Red Light Camera Committee:

Place 5: Bob Moroch
Place 6: Joe Ellis
Place 7: Karl Finley

Social Services & Housing Board:

Place 2: Sally Storie
Place 4: Ann Marie Kappel
Place 6: David Aronoff

Urban Forestry Board:

Place 2: Maryam Khan
Place 4: Amiee Fuller
Place 6: Kay Kitchens
Place 7 (Unexpired Term): Joel Garza